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Steps to Disable Norton Auto Renewal

Norton is a company that cares about the convenience of their customers. That is why they have the automatic renewal option. What this means is that once you purchase the subscription for any of Norton antivirus programs, the next payment will be done automatically. The software will take care of the billing and transactions automatically, thus saving up a lot of time for you.

Norton Auto Renewal

However, some users are not impressed with this feature. The main reason why that’s the case is that some users prefer to deal with the payment on their own terms. Some are worried that the auto renewal will charge them when they’re not expecting it. Others feel that perhaps this antivirus is not a lifelong solution. Whatever the reason might be, the good news is that disabling this feature can be done easily.

Steps for Norton subscription Renewal

According to the technicians from Norton technical support Ireland, the best way to stop auto renewal is this:

  • Step 1– Open Norton antivirus
  • Step 2– Login to your account
  • Step 3– Got to the Subscriptions page
  • Step 4– Look for the option called Automatic Renewal
  • Step 5– Move the slider to Off in order to disable this function
  • Step 6– The Antivirus will ask you to confirm your decision, which you can do by clicking on Turn Off

After turning off the automatic renewal, you won’t be charged when the subscription expires. Instead, you will have to make the payment manually. If you don’t do it in a timely manner, Norton will disable some of the features. This means that your computer will no longer be fully protected.

If the money is the main issue why you’ve decided not to renew our Norton subscription, our advice is to look for free antivirus programs. In order to pick the very best one, feel free to contact Norton support Ireland and ask the experts for a suggestion. You can also request Norton for automatic renewal refund.

Watch this Video and Learn How to turn off Norton Automatic Renewal Service

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