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Steps to Renew Norton antivirus with product key

Simply having an antivirus on your computer is not enough. In needs to function properly in order to keep you safe from malware. As a lot of is at stake, you need to make sure that your computer is protected 24/7. So, be careful not to let the Norton antivirus subscription end. If that happens, the antivirus will still be there on your computer, but it won’t provide you with a 100% protection.

Renew Norton antivirus with product key

How to renew Norton antivirus? The answer is simple – pay for the additional subscription period. Simply go to the official website of Norton, find the version of the antivirus you’re using and extend the subscription. You will have to login to your Norton account, where you’ll be requested to review your payment details before making the purchase. When done, you will receive the activation code through the email.

With the product key in your possession, you will be able to renew Norton antivirus easily. Here is what Norton support Ireland say you should do:

  • Open the Norton Antivirus
  • If the subscription has already ended, the program will offer prompt you to renew it
  • If there are still days left of the old subscription, you will have to look for the button Renew
  • Open your email client and find the message you received from Norton after extending the subscription
  • Copy the product key and paste it into the appropriate field in the software
  • Review your account details and click on Finish

As you can see, renewing your antivirus can be done in a few easy steps. However, sometimes certain problem may occur. If you’re using an older version of antivirus from the Norton family, you might have problems activating it. In such scenario, the best thing you can do is ask people from Norton technical support for help.

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